What does your heart say as a parent?

What does your heart say as a parent?

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The situation
The circumstances
The mindset

Everything has changed due to COVID-19.

The use of masks and sanitizers has given Obsessive-compulsive disorder a chance to be a part of everyone’s life. But most importantly, humans have finally got to know that the only thing that is constant is the change itself.

And for that matter, there is one industry that has started to evolve at a disruptive rate – The Education Industry.

Then –

As per a report of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 37.4 million students enroll for higher education every year and probably your child is one of them!

Now – Some 1.5 billion students — close to 90% of all primary, secondary and tertiary learners in the world — are no longer able to physically go to school.

Which simply means, no lunch boxes, no school bags, no fancy colleges and no traveling to abroad for studies.

6 months back when most of the students were hustling their way to clear 10th and 12th class board exams or trying to crack the competitive exam papers, little did they realize that a pandemic would impact their future forever.

But now,
Dropping a year
Settling for a nearby college
Or leaving studies
Are these the only options left?
Not really!
But for a concrete solution to come out of this whole situation, we’d love to hear your candid thoughts as a parent to help the authorities and industry shape up a solution which you and your family would be comfortable with.
Because once the peak of the Corona-virus pandemic subsides, would your heart agree to immediately let your children go to a different city or country to pursue their further studies?
No? Then try and answer the following –
1. What do you think is the future of the entire education system?
1. Blended solution
2. Offline classes
2. How so you think government, teachers and institutes play a major role in transforming the education sector?
1. By leveraging technology and mixing it with education
2. By sitting and waiting for COVID-19 to end
3. How online education can be an answer?
1. Online education is great if made accessible
2. Online education system can never be built in a country where the staff and teachers are not quipped to take lessons online
3. Is gamified and interactive version of classes and lectures the next big thing?
1. It can be a great plan of action
2. No, interactive sessions are a waste of time
If your answer has been on the lines of supporting online and interactive learning then we are glad that you are a part of the parent pool that feels – Safety is at home.
But would screen fatigue, no interactivity and present day problems with online education let your kids prosper? Well, there are certain things that schools and universities can work upon.
Here are some suggestions from team EduThrill –
1. Build interactive curriculums for students
2. Blend tech with education to build some amazing products/services that might disrupt the industry
3. Train faculty and students for the online culture of classes
4. Accept the ‘digital India’ challenge posed by COVID-19
Because we and many other decision makers in the industry think that an online education system is the need of the hour.
So what do you suggest? Would your heart agree to immediately let your children go to a different city or country to pursue their further studies after COVID-19 is over?
Do comment and let us know! Your answer can change the way the education system is functioning in India.
And until the next time, stay safe!

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