Smart Ways to Organise a Kitty Party

Smart Ways to Organise a Kitty Party

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A kitty party is a get together of women with common interests coming together to organise a monthly gathering to do something to have fun, enjoyment and relaxation.

Mostly these gatherings take place for the purpose of socialising and having fun. ‘Kitty’ refers to the total sum of money collected from the contribution of each member at the party. This money is given to one person from the group each month. Each member is given a turn to host the party and make arrangements for food, entertainment, and take care of the logistics.

Kitty parties can be entertaining and exciting when interesting games are part of it. However, members of the kitty often feel the task of organizing an entertaining kitty party is quite challenging. Also, as this is a monthly affair and the members expect fun, one should know how to maximise fun with the given budget. In order to organize it efficiently, the following aspects need to be planned meticulously and executed efficiently.


Kitty parties can be hosted at home as well as at a restaurant depending on the number of members, entertainment aspect and size of the kitty. In case, a restaurant or banquet hall needs to be booked, consideration needs to be given to the location, food menu, interiors decorations, parking etc. Though this may require significant amount of effort and timely planning, can easily be managed if due care is taken.


Once the venue is finalised, selection of a good and interesting theme is required for the kitty party to make it exciting and fun. A theme introduces the fun element to the party. A theme can be selected from an array of themes such as Retro, Mughal, Bollywood, Hollywood, Jungle, Black and White, Horror, Childhood, Wedding, Village, Rainbow, Flowers, Traditional (Punjabi, South Indian, Rajasthani, Bengali, Gujarati), Red Carpet, and Masquerade etc. Menu, decor and music need to be chosen accordingly so that they support the preferred theme.


Invitation card can be paper based or e-card depending on the taste and preference of the inviter. In case the inviter prefers paper invite, she can design it herself using card paper crayons, marker and sketch pens paints, stickers and much more. This could be fun!

Décor & music:

These must be in line with the chosen theme to give a wow factor. This aspect can be taken care of by the host herself or professional can be hired to take care of these aspect depending on circumstance, taste and budget.

Food Menu:

Party without sumptuous and yummy food may leave a better taste in the end. So, taking care of this aspect is very important. Menu can be decided based on the food preference of the kitty members and budget. It can be manged through a vendor or restaurant depending on the venue. Amazing food can certainly magnify the joy of the party.


The entertainment aspect of the kitty party comprises many elements viz. gossip, dancing, singing, playing games, to name a few. The entertainment aspect can be taken care of by the host with the assistance of other kitty members or a profession (event planner) can be assigned the task of look after this task. The following are some of prominent games that can be conducted during a kitty party.

  • Musical Balloon – A Kitty Party Game for Music Lovers
  • Pick the Coin Game – One Minute Games for Ladies
  • The Memory Game – Fun Memory Kitty Party Game
  • Stick up the Gem – Kitty Games Ideas for Chocolate Lovers
  • Stick the cotton balls – Goofie Kitty Party Games
  • Balloon Doodle – Kitty Party Game for the Art Lovers
  • Find My Bangles
  • Bangles on a Pencil
  • Blind Tasting
  • 1 to 20 Kitty game
  • The Coins on Cups Game
  • Cups on Cards
  • Nail the paint – Beauty Kitty Games for Ladies

Entertainment aspect is the soul of a kitty party, and thus it needs a carefully planning and execution to make the party amazing.

Above discussed items are the major facets of a fun filled and entertaining kitty party. While at the face of it this may seem challenging to organise a happening and engaging kitty party, if planning and execution aspects are taken care of diligently, the entire process can be exciting and joyful a with great end outcome.

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