Learning in the Age of Social Media

Learning in the Age of Social Media

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The social media has had quite an impact on different societies all over the world. The measure of this thwack isn’t hard to comprehend. We are connected to each other more than ever and needless to say the concept of a ‘trending phenomenon’ has seen an edged rise in the world. But apart from opening channels for better communication, social media is also driving learning among the population.

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While learning is a process of acquiring knowledge based on various facts and practices, social media has opened doors for many such rostrums that have eventually paved ways for better learning and understanding among people.

The question of being carried away by the gimmicks and tricks of social media cannot be neglected in the process of learning. However, it is also a path to learning self-control and difference between the real and virtual world.

But just like everything has pros and cons, it comes down to the responsibility of an individual to undertake the right resources for learning and knowledge attainment.

Here are some of modes through which social media is opening channels for learning.

Experiences: Different people share different experiences on the social upfront, some of which are motivating, inspiring, overcoming fears etc. This can be a great source of learning in modern times.

Online libraries: Most of the educational websites today have social media pages, which can prove to be great sources of learning through the means of their frequent blog updates, chats or live sessions.

Trending news and updates: Learning about the happenings of the world has never been easier than through social media, where trending news catches the maximum attention.

In a nutshell, the social media has added various dimensions to learning and the access of information and making it presence felt in all spheres of education and learning.

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