Preparing for a Job? Register with EduThrill

Preparing for a Job? Register with EduThrill

Use our game led interview platform to prepare for a variety of topics across
IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance and more.

Use our game led interview platform to prepare for a variety of topics across IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance and more.

EduThrill for Job Seekers

Are you tired of travelling for several hours for a job interview?
Prepare and get a job of choice, in a few easy clicks

Interviews can be a challenging experience for most candidates. We ensure that students and working professionals have a smooth and transparent interview process using our game led platform.

We provide access to technical and non-technical topics across functions of IT, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR and more to improve your candidature journey with us. Equally important are tips and tricks to manage pressure, tips on time management, hot topics for success, and weekly tips required to succeed. The feedback provided is instantaneous helping to course correct and improve.

Join our hiring drives that regularly held on our platform, get access to the best brands and improve your chances of getting that dream job. In the past, several job seekers have benefitted from the ongoing hiring challenges run on our platform such as The Accolite Hiring Challenge, Kuliza, Crew4Events and many more. The list is fast growing

Gamification for Job Seekers

Prepare for an Interview

Shortens time to prepare for an interview.


Small bit size games help to retain better.


Anytime, anywhere: No barrier of physical constrains of time and place.

Can be played anywhere

Can be played anywhere – mobile, web or app

Our Partners

Join our open  drives and get that dream job

Become a part of our open hiring drives to join the best brands.

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In-Build Real Time Performance Analytics

Personalized Reports And Comparative Analysis

Compare your strengths and weaknesses and know where you stand.

Challenges Screen

See progress on number of interviews played by you. See all interviews prepared for by topics opponent

Victory Charts

Track yourself on number of interviews lost or won.

Progress Reports

See a graphical representation of interviews taken, topics by which played and number of correct answers.

Time Analysis Report

Find answered and unanswered questions ratio on each topic in a specific time.



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