How To Prepare For CLAT Without Joining A Coaching Institute

How To Prepare For CLAT Without Joining A Coaching Institute

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If you are a CLAT 2019 aspirant and haven’t joined any coaching institute yet or can’t afford it, you don’t need to worry as EduThrill is out there to help you to make it to your dream Law college even if you can’t afford joining a coaching institute.

Doing well in CLAT 2019 depends on two things. One, a thorough preparation of the subject areas from which questions are asked in CLAT 2019; second, a good test taking temperament. Let’s discuss each of these two aspects in details.

For thorough preparation, you need to start his/her preparation at least 4-5 months before the exam and be well versed with the subject areas from which questions would be asked in CLAT 2019.
The subject areas from which questions are asked in CLAT are Mathematics, English, Legal Aptitude & Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge & Current Affairs. For CLAT 2019 exam preparation without joining a coaching institute, you need a right study material and guidance. You can easily get a relevant study material from the market. Self-study done in a disciplined manner can produce a great result. A comprehensive coverage of syllabus is essential in order to do well in CLAT 2019.

Along with covering the syllabus, you need to start practicing questions to check how your preparation translates into results. Good test taking strategy depends on factors like thorough preparation, picking up of right questions, knowing shortcuts to answer questions in lesser time etc. The number of questions that come from Legal Aptitude and General Knowledge & Current Affairs sections is 100. Given easy nature of these sections, you must try to maximize your score in these sections.
Thorough preparation along with consistent high scores in mock tests/quizzes can ensure a good rank in CLAT exam.

For more information on CLAT preparation and to finetune your preparation, you should take advantage of gamified approach of preparation offered by EduThrill. Playing games on EduThrill on actual exam questions in a competitive setup and time-bound manner helps you to get into the groove and perform well in the actual exam.


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