How to Crack CAT EXAM in 90 Days

How to Crack CAT EXAM in 90 Days

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Get Acquainted with the CAT Exam pattern  
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Section I :  Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Total no. of questions: 32 MCQ                Non MCQ 24             +          8 Section II: Quantitative Ability (QA) Total no. of questions: 34 MCQ                Non MCQ 27             +          7 Section III: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension ( VARC) Total no. of questions: 34 MCQ                Non MCQ 24             +          10 For detailed exam pattern and syllabus:
  1. 90 Days CAT EXAM study  plan:
You should know what works best for you by practicing CAT Mock Test questions. Reading a blog by an aspirant who topped his exam surely gives you insights about the approach but that same schedule or plan may not work for you. So devise up a proper plan allotting time for your Strong and weak areas accordingly for a set course of 90 days and act on it. INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW FOR THE 90 DAYs PLAN
  • Plan Devised for Every Aspirant new to CAT Exam Preparation
  • Minimum 4-5 hours of study.
  • Daily 2-3 RC  + 4  PJ every day
  • Daily LRDI 1 set.
  • Daily Gk and Newspaper Reading.
  • Modify the table as per your need in terms of topics.
  • Alter the topics which need more practice according to you
For Quant, you need to Practice every question available to get familiar with the type of questions and their difficulty level. MOCKS & TEST
  1. Make your concepts clear before attempting Mock tests: No matter if it’s the (VARC) Or be it the concepts that are related to Quantitative Analysis. If you are stumbling on understanding the basics you won’t be able to Crack the advanced level questions.
SO GET YOUR BASICS RIGHT! And then jump to the Mock tests. Quantitative Analysis ( QA) Without any second thoughts, QA is the hardest section to crack in a CAT Exam. If you want your desired percentile know this- Practice Quantitative Analysis! Aspirant should have a significant command over the Logics and theoretical knowledge of the topics in this section. This Section is tough and lengthy in comparison to VARC and DILR. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) As the Name explains ‘Verbal ability’ includes the skills of  Vocabulary, Grammar usage. Whereas Reading Comprehension is the tougher area to get familiar with. It includes 5 passages with 3-5 questions for each passage. These can be from various fields involving Travel, Art, Tech, etc. To master these questions you can use EduThrill Game packs designed just for CAT Exam preparation. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) Questions in this section are the brownie points of the CAT EXAM. They are easily solved but they consume time. So you need to keep a track of your speed while keeping the accuracy. To ace this section you can play Logic oriented quizzes or games. My tip would be to check out these EduThrill games specially designed for the DILR section.
  1. The Self study or Coaching Classes Dilemma: 
Can CAT Exam be cracked through self-study? The answer is absolutely yes. For instance, some aspirant even does join one of the best institutes for  CAT preparation but doesn’t go to class or either doesn’t pay attention to what is being taught. Over the top of it, All the necessary Practice & Persistence one needs to Crack the Exam isn’t there. So, it’s your choice to choose but the hard work you need to put in to solve the questions, track your speed, Analyse your faults to a god-level is on you. The Web is literally flooding with the material you need for your CAT EXAM Preparation. Check it out
  1. CAT Online Mock Tests – Key to Crack CAT Exam: There are several mock papers available over the internet. However,  you should choose the right CAT MOCK TEST SERIES which are on par with the actual exam in terms of difficulty level, the pattern of the exam and the updated syllabus. Also, Analysis of one’s own performance is very important. If you’re looking for CAT Mock Questions. EduThrill is the right platform for preparing.
6 reasons to choose Eduthrill mock tests
  • Gamified preparations: Prepare for CAT anywhere – anytime. Just play a 2-minute power-packed game – save time, get better!
  • Comparative Analysis: You can Check your performance against your competitors
  • Comprehensive Solutions : You can find solutions to difficult questions with the help of EduThrill.
  • Your Performance: Look at your improvement graph with weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis.
  • Time Analysis: Get a question-time analysis to improve your speed.
  LINK: CAT ONLINE MOCK TEST SERIES Download the EduThrill app now

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