How to Address Vocab Woes in Competitive Exams

How to Address Vocab Woes in Competitive Exams

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If you resolve to improve your vocabulary, this post will give you an indicative and effective roadmap to achieve the stipulated objective. English vocabulary is one of the key factors in determining your score in competitive exams, along with personal growth. Right from understanding the nature of questions and options to confronting vocabulary questions directly in exams, it becomes mandatory to possess a good and in-depth knowledge of English vocabulary. Here are a few tips that will help you address the vocabulary woes in smart and competent ways:

1. Read extensively and vigorously:

The more you read — magazines and newspapers along with novels and literary works — the more you’ll be exposed to new words. As you read and come across new words, try a combination of ways to derive their meaning from the context of the sentence as well as from looking up the meaning in a dictionary.

2. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus:

There are lots of dictionary/vocab-based apps in public domains. You can use one of these apps as per your requirement. You can also keep a printed dictionary if it suits your need. When you come across a new word, look it up in the dictionary to know its meaning(s) along with pronunciation. Next, you make sure that you refer thesaurus so that you also get to know the words associated with it. This provides enriched vocabulary.

3. Maintain a log of newly-learned-words:

You can refer different sources for preparing English vocabulary. But make sure that you write down the words that you learn every day. This will make it easier for you to look back at them and revise from time to time.

4. Go back to your roots:

One of the most effective ways to learn meaning of new words is studying etymology (root/origin) of the words. Latin and Greek elements – roots, prefixes suffixes – are an important part of the English language and a great instrument in learning new words.

5. Playing quiz/game:

There are applications/apps that offer vocab-based games and quizzes. Games can help boost your vocabulary in interactive ways. Instead of burdening yourself with a dictionary, one can benefit through vocabulary games.

Lastly, you need to use your new words into your writing and speaking.

Above elaborated methods employed in conjunction can help in overcoming vocab related problems in competitive exams.

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