Fun Trivia Rocks on EduThrill

Fun Trivia Rocks on EduThrill

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EduThrill is a gaming app for users who are preparing for various competitive exams. The application provides high-quality questions on a wide variety of topics. Fun Trivia – one of the sub areas of the application has the most tempting questions. It is hard to resist not going through the quiz– a factor which makes the application incredible.

Fun Trivia offers a lot of puzzles and quizzes to the user on a vast variety of topics ranging from Bollywood to IPL, Books and TV Programs. It is a great stress-reliever for people preparing for the competitive exams. The games enable you to relax your mind amidst hardcore preparation as the topics for the quizzes are extremely interesting.

Fun Trivia offers gaming in 4 modes:

• Random Opponent – It connects you with a random user across the globe and both compete over questions based on general awareness. Each question is timed, and the winner is declared at the end. The best part is, while waiting to connect with the user, there are amazing facts one can go through.

• Single Player – Questions on the chosen topic are given which one can answer in a given time. The score and results are mentioned at the end.

• Rapid Fire – Connects you with a random opponent online. Both compete over a quiz on variety of topics – logos, TV series, Math, etc. One must answer correctly in the given time limit.

• Fastest Finger – A quiz in on vast variety of topics. The user must answer correctly and as fast as possible.

The result with all the correct answers is presented and the users can assess their performance anytime. It is extremely fun to play with friends, share scores over different communicating mediums, and compete! Also, people not willing to sign up on EduThrill can play these games. It does not force people to become its user first!

Fun Trivia is undoubtedly a highly efficient, learning oriented stress buster. It’s more cool than it sounds!

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