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Ethereum is an open software platform which is based on blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications. Applying ethereum, the app doesn’t require one entity to store and control its data. To accomplish this, ethereum borrows heavily from bitcoin’s protocol and its blockchain design.The Ethereum targets to abstract away bitcoin’s design to allow developers to create applications or systems that have additional steps, new rules of ownership, alternative transaction formats or several ways to transfer state.Goal of ethereum’s Turing-based programming language is to allow developers to write more programs in which blockchain transactions could govern and automate specific results. !

The ethereum blockchain

The development of the ethereum blockchain is very similar to bitcoin’s, in that it is a shared record of the whole transaction history. Every node on the network stores a copy of this history.

  • The major difference with ethereum is that its nodes store the latest state of each smart contract, in addition to all of the ether transactions. Geth is the the command line interface for running a full ethereum node, it is implemented in Go. It is the main deliverable of the Frontier Release. This tutorial will provide you ethereum wiki.
  • While it sounds more complex, the idea is fairly simple. Every time a bitcoin transaction is made, the network break down the total amount as if it was paper money, issuing back bitcoins in a way that makes the data behave similar to physical etc coins or change.
  • To make future transactions, the bitcoin network must add up all your pieces of change, which are classed as either ‘spent’ or ‘unspent’.
  • Ethereum, on the other hand, uses different accounts. Bank account funds, ether tokens appear in a ether wallet, and can be ported to another account.
What is the ethereum virtual machine?

  • Contracts written in a smart contract-specific programming languages are compiled into ‘bytecode’, which is called as ‘ethereum virtual machine’ (EVM) can read and execute
  • Every node in the network holds a copy of the transaction and smart contract history of the network, in addition to keeping track of the current ‘state’. Every time a user performs some action, all of the nodes on the network need to come to an agreement that this change occurs then only system will finalize the transaction.
  • Bitcoin is one of the dominant cryptocurrency in the market, but it is not the only one.
  • Cryptocurrency ethereum is another related project that has a lot of hype because of its additional features and applications.
  • The first thing about Ethereum is that it is not just a digital currency but blockchain-based platform with many aspects. It has features like smart contracts, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it uses its currency called ether for peer-to-peer contracts.
  • Ethereum’s smart contracts use blockchain stored applications for contract negotiation and facilitation. The advantages of such contracts is that the blockchain provides a decentralized way to verify. The decentralized aspect makes it difficult for fraud or censorship.
Ethereum vs Bitcoin:

There are several differences between the two blockchain-based projects. Bitcoin’s average block status time is nearly 10 minutes, while Ethereum’s takes around 12 seconds. This quick time is enabled by Ethereum’s GHOST protocol.There are many different aspect of Ethereum cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, actually they are developed with different intention. Bitcoin is much stable digital currency, while Ethereum more about a component of its smart contract applications. Ethereum showed a huge decline recently, because of several reasons like ICO sell-off factor showed negative asset/liability management principles. In mid September, 2018 ICOs sold 160,000 ETH, which is three times more than August sale, which led to around 20% bump in ETH price. Another major thing about ETH is that ethereum value has seen a strong reversal and it went back to $223 recently. This has again made hope in investors. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has said that crypto has calebar to see 1000x in future. If we talk about ETH price, ConsenSys Capital co-founder of Andrew Keys said that this year Ethereum price may touch $2,000 mentioned in ethereum news. This statement of Keys has created more speculations about Ethereum price prediction and ethereum price chart now a days. Ethereum Classic price is equal to 11.097 USD at Septempber 2018. If you buy Ethereum Classic for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 9.042 ETC as per current ethereum price.Current Ethereum coin price has been creating a lot of interest amongst cryptizens which has lead ETH market capitalization to reach 21 Billion USD with 101,952,932 ETH.


Ethereum is a great open software platform developed with blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications. Ethereum is more specific to the component of its smart contract applications and widely used around the world.
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