Entrepreneurship for Mothers

Entrepreneurship for Mothers

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Entrepreneurship carried by mothers is known as mompreneurs. Mompreneurs are mothers who choose to start up a business, based on their comfort, financial resources and aspiration, while bringing up children. Some of these mothers are those who gave up corporate jobs — many of them in leadership positions — to first turn mother and then marry maternity with entrepreneurship. Though it’s a quite old concept in the western world, it a budding concept in Indian with history of 5 to 10 years.

Depending on the skill sets, interest, availability of time and financial resources and future goals, a mother can start a business and nurture it to materialize her financial goals along with contributing to and enjoying what she loves doing. There are numerous entrepreneurial activities that a mother can undertake. In this piece, we would explore some of prominent and exciting entrepreneurial activities that a mother can undertake.

Clothe designing and alteration

If you have an eye for design, you can start your own clothing line and create items to sell online or even to local boutiques. Or if you’d rather work with clothing pieces that are already constructed, you can have people bring you their items and you can provide alteration or repair services.


If you enjoy teaching, you can build a business tutoring kids or even adults in various academic or at home.


You can also start your own blog, where you’ll have the freedom to work on your own time and write about a subject of your choice. You can also work as a freelance blogger.

Cosmetic, Antique or Boutique Store Ownership

For those entrepreneurs who want to start a business with a physical location, opening a cosmetic, boutique or antique store can be fairly straightforward. And you can also set hours that work with your family responsibilities. Such business can be started online as well in the form of e-store.

Running parlour

This could be a quite exciting and profitable business given one has required skills and interest. It also offers flexibility

Online Course Creation

If you have expertise in a specific area, you can create an online course and sell it to customers that need help in that specific niche.

Interior Decorating

If you enjoy home design and decorating, you can offer interior design services to clients in your community.

Music and dance instruction

For those skilled with dance, music or various instruments, you can offer music lessons out of your home or a small local studio.

Graphic Designing

You can also offer graphic design services to those who need help making things like logos, marketing materials or other branding elements.

Handmade Product Sales

Ecommerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon also make it possible for you to work from home making your own handmade items and selling them to customers around the world.

Event Planning

Event planning is another area where you can offer services while enjoying a fairly flexible schedule. You can help people make arrangements with vendors and put together weddings, corporate retreats or a variety of other events.

These are just a few indicative entrepreneurial activities that a mother can undertake. There are umpteen other opportunities that can be explored based on one’s skill sets and interest. In a nutshell, there is no dearth of opportunities for those mothers who want to become entrepreneur and run a business successfully.

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