EduThrill Paving Way To Combine Learning With Fun

EduThrill Paving Way To Combine Learning With Fun

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Most of us after graduation aim for professional courses, so we appear in competitive/qualifying exams like MBA entrances, SSC, LAW, Bank PO, etc. The high level of competition requires one to have a steady plan for preparation and efficient execution of the same.

There are various coaching centers which help in preparation with a systematic approach, but it is difficult for working professionals and full-time students to match their timings with that of the coaching center. In such perplexity and uncertainty, most of us forget that the smart phones we use, offer us smart solutions to almost all our problems!

EduThrill is one such gaming application available to users which assists in preparation for various competitive exams. It provides high-quality questions on a wide variety of topics. Its unique workflow and implementation enables one to prepare constructively in a competitive setting. The users get better in time management and pressure handling. Multiple reports detailing one’s performance and areas of strengths and weaknesses are also provided.

The application offers an enormous variety of areas to the user:

• Tips and Tricks– Video lessons on various topics and exams. One can watch them on repeat and even share further.

• Trending Topics– Short quizzes on various topics. The user gets a rank after the quiz. The more the accuracy, the better the rank.

• Fun Trivia– Multiple games and online matches with random opponents on quizzes.

• Challenges from other opponents and friends– Quiz challenges to compete and get better.

EduThrill focuses on learning with fun. The application is developed in such a unique way that one never feels like sitting in a monotonous theory class or lengthy mock tests. Interesting quizzes are gamified in 3-minute games enabling one to compete in a shorter time. It unconsciously makes the user strive for better.

Preparing for competitive exams cannot be more interesting and constructive than this. EduThrill is designed to make the preparation effective and exciting. One can very easily study daily and keep getting better. Download it now and experience the results!

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