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Eduthrill’s Campus Ambassador Program

EduThrill is looking to hire an enthusiastic and energetic Campus Ambassadors to be the promoters of our brand. As an ambassador, your job is to increase brand visibility by promoting the EduThrill app and EduThrill services/packs through various social media channels. You will have to assist our sales and marketing teams to help them in achieving the goals and objectives, such as communicating the value to the target audience, tracking customer feedback, and representing the brand at various social media portals/forums. To be a part of the hustle, you should have excellent marketing and networking skills. Also, strong social media marketing skills will be an add-on. 

Who can be a part of Eduthrill’s Campus Ambassador Program?

  • A dynamic student who is enthusiastic about marketing and product promotion.
  • A bright mind who is familiar with the mission and vision of the company.
  • Someone who can work with the sales and marketing team to deliver tangible results.
  • A hustler who loves building strategies and executing them.
  • A jack of all trades who can Brainstorm and ideate new promotional campaigns.

Why to enroll for EduThrill’s Campus Ambassador Program?

  • EduThill in itself is a unique product to cater the student economy. The sales and marketing tasks will help you know the education industry inside-out.
  • The program will help you in building workable strategies.
  • The program is an opportunity for you to be the face of an upcoming ed-tech venture.
  • It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking for exposure.
  • The program involves a letter of recommendation and a certificate for your efforts.

What do you get from Eduthrill’s Campus Ambassador Program?

  • Learn communication, social media marketing and the most important of all, teamwork!
  • Be a STAR in your college.
  • Receive Certificate of Excellence from EduThrill.
  • Develop an understanding of consumer intent.
  • Enhance your persuasion power.
  • Win Letter of Recognition from the company on successful completion of assigned goals.
  • Get an exclusive invite for Ambassador only contests and events.
  • Get remarkable LinkedIn Recommendations and official invitations.

I want to become a Campus Ambassador for EduThrill – What do I do?

  1. Fill in the following application form which is in the slider on your right.
  2. Download the Eduthrill app and Register using the same email id which you used to fill the above form. You can download the app from here, .

Click here to know the Terms and Conditions of the Internship

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