Your recruitment and training partners

Your recruitment and training partners

Enhance learning experience, build higher recall and retention,
improve delivery, to enhance organisational bottom line and

Enhance learning experience, build higher recall and retention, improve delivery, to enhance organisational bottom line and efficiency

Recruit, Manage Training & Development from any location

Do you worry about employees not taking assessment tests?

Today’s dynamic environment demands companies to go beyond the geographic limitation to hire the best candidate in the shortest period of time.

Now accelerate your talent acquisition and hiring, fasten time to train employees company-wide or by geography, using automated assessments at the click of a button. Shorten hiring and training cycles, improve efficiency and enhance ROI by upto 50%. Get radar charts to analyse performance for recruitment and training development across multiple parameters.

Generate the best and brightest candidates by accelerating your talent acquisition processes for cognitive and technical skills. Fast-track growth through our technical recruitment software platform. Accelerate your company’s training and development needs, manage the complete lifecycle for candidates’ hiring through EduThrill’s Gamification Tool and CodeLyser platforms. These can be used as separate product offering or as a combined solution (EduThrill’s Gamification Tool and CodeLyser) to accelerate the hiring process. The solutions can be run as a SaaS-based assessment platform along with a virtual hiring drive model for corporate, campus hiring or lateral hiring and saving recruiter’s time.

Recruitment Solutions

EduThrill’s gamified tool for recruitment

An interview based evaluation platform on Mobile and Web, EduThrill’s Gamfication Tool, helps to evaluate and assess a candidate’s potential for a job at a click of a button. Using the game based evaluation, corporates from any location can access the functional knowledge of a candidate through objective based and multiple choice questions (MCQ) tests. The standardized evaluation helps to save time and effort to travel to a venue for an evaluation, and reduce interview effort by almost half. This results in significant time and money savings for a win-win solution for all.

Fasten employee Recruitment process with EduThrill’s Gamified Tool

Employee joining is usually the toughest part yet can be the most memorable way to kick off an employee’s journey into an organisation. With EduThrill’s gamified tool, employee recruitment process can be made easy, fun and stress-free. All you need is a phone or computer, and an internet connection to start. Sessions can run across multiple locations or geographies, without any hassle of tech setup. Just plug and Go!

Assessment Solutions – Now assess employees on the go, from any geography

Are you worried about employees not taking assessment tests?
Do you encounter fake resumes?

Now assess large workforce in any geography or location on a variety of technical, non-technical parameters. Instead of calling employees into a classroom for assessment tests, employees can stay on top of their game by taking the test from any location. Integrated webcams and additional checks ensure the authenticity of the tests. Simple clicks allow function wise, team wise, or training by a particular skill set, removing manual intervention, saving significant time and effort cost.

Choose tests from our bouquet of test topics or run your own to enhance talent transformation. Added features such as evaluating training participation, receiving training feedback, trainer’s assessment, participant’s understanding of a concept and quality of training, is possible through a simple click.


This automated evaluation platform is an IT skill assessment for candidates for design and implementation. Candidates can be evaluated for coding, design, architecture and quality parameters, for assessment of design, problem solving, algorithmic, solutions and performance capabilities. The platform supports multiple languages including Java, C++, .Net, AngularJS and more. Quality evaluation and detailed reporting gives a complete automated assessment, providing insights into candidate’s functional skills. Scores can be made available in an instant.

Key features of CodeLyzer

IT Skills Assessment

By designing/Implementation and Assignments

Evaluates, Coding, Designing

Evaluates, Coding, Designing, Problem Solving, Algorithmic, Solution Performance capabilities.

Supports Multiple Languages

Java , C++, C, Ruby, C#, React, AngularJS and more.

Gamification for Corporates

For corporates, gamification has an all-together different connotation. In a competitive environment where the best talent wins, the winning edge comes from hiring the best talent, in the shortest span of time. Games led assessments in a corporate environment can fast track candidate search by removing barriers of physical time, place and travel, improving organisational efficiency.

The future of Gamification is truly exciting. It has the potential to save the industry millions by simulating training in an immersive and realistic environment to increase motivation and engagement. Interactive and gamified tools promise to change the way companies can address their assessment strategies. It surely is time to “PLAY.”

Removes barrier of time and place

Anytime, anywhere: Removes barrier of physical constrains of time and place to fast track the search for the best candidate

Reduce candidate pipeline

Effectively reduce the candidate pipeline for high volume recruitment by filtering out unsuitable candidates at the outset.

Enhance brand proposition

Powerful way to enhance an organization’s employer brand and value proposition – especially with younger candidates.

Real time scenario to judge potential

Candidates can be better judged for their potential to quickly begin delivering value to once hired. Gamified scenarios can be used to assess their ability to deal with real, on-the-job situations they may face.

How EduThrill can help your organization: Smart recruiting and training platform for Corporates

Unique Platform To Target Passive Candidates

Create a bigger pool of job seekers looking for better opportunities.

A Powerful Branding Tool

We help corporates get more visibility through hiring drives and engagement activities with potential candidates.

Optimum Per-Joinee ROI

We connect relevant and interested candidates to corporates by first level of assessment though gamifications. This helps to shorten the hiring process and improve hiring efficiency, enhancing ROI for a company in an otherwise normal course of hiring.

End-To-End Hiring Process Management

Manage the complete lifecycle for a candidates’ hiring through our platforms – EduThrill GamIfication Tool and CodeLyser. Define hiring or training requirements, sit back and allow the process to takeover.

Recruitment Drives

We help corporate with lateral hiring drives of candidates.

EduThrill And CodeLyser Tools For Assessment

Assessment of any type, training & development or hiring of potential candidates is possible through our applications.

Campus Hiring

Manage college hiring drives of college candidates using our applications.

Our Past Recruitment Drives


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