Accolite is a global IT Services company headquartered in Dallas, USA with offices in India. Recognized for providing cutting edge information technology services with a proven track record of being totally client focussed, Accolite promises efficient, affordable and on-time IT services.

Accolite employees hail from top schools globally and/or have worked at world class organizations. Every Accolite employee has cleared through a very tough interviewing and recruiting process. Typically 3 in every 100 applicants clear our interview bar and we take pride in hiring “Only the Best”. An opportunity to work with some of the best minds is the biggest perk at Accolite in addition to some of the most challenging and exciting projects.

In addition, Accolite provides you ample opportunities to learn new technologies across various domains. We not only identify and harnesses your potential, but also rewards and recognize your talent and performance with industry leading pay scales, benefits, learning opportunities and above all a lot of fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1. What topic should I play Games on?
    There are lot of open roles across various functions like Software Development, QA and HR. Once you open the EduThrill app, you will see a topic on Accolite Jobs. Clicking on that will bring up a list of Topics like Java Hiring,  Angular JS Hiring,  HR Recruitment Hiring etc.  relevant to the roles Accolite has open positions for. You can play games on the Topic you’re interested in.
  2. Q2. How many Games do I need to play?
    You can play 10 or more games on the Topic you’re interested in. Each game takes 2-3 minutes.
  3. Q3. What would be the next steps after this? If you score well, you will receive a call / email from the Accolite Talent Acquisition team. So please provide your updated email and phone no. in your EduThrill Profile.

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