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You’ll be notified if any of them clear the Accolite bar and join Accolite

About Accolite

Accolite is a global IT company headquartered in Dallas, USA with offices in India. Recognized for providing cutting edge information technology services with a proven track record of being totally client focused. Accolite promises efficient, affordable and on-time IT services.

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Few questions to clear your doubts

  1. Q1. Where you will host this challenge?
  2. It will be an online challenge. Download the EDUTHRILL App from Google Play/App Store or visit for Web Login and register yourself.

  3. Q2.Will I receive a reminder notification before the AHC 5.0 begins?
  4. The contest is already ON. We shall still be circulating messages related to the commencement, activities during the contest and the expiration of the contest. Stay tuned to the Accolite/EduThrill FB page/ website/ LinkedIn Page and emails/notifications via EduThrill.

  5. Q3. How do I participate in this challenge?
  6. You need to Download the EduThrill app from Play Store /App Store or do a Web Login. Create your profile via FB/Google or by filling the form there and start playing the games under the topic AHC 5.0.

  7. Q4. What type of questions do I have to solve in this challenge?
  8. Play games under the topic “AHC 5.0” – having questions on various skills. Freshers should play games under sub-topic “Campus Hiring” Experienced professionals should play games under any topic from amongst the following depending upon their past experience and strengths:
    Java Skills
    Angular Skills
    React JS Skills
    React Native Skills
    .Net Skills
    Python Skills
    Devops Skills
    Database Skills
    QA Automation Skills
    Production Support Skills

  9. Q5. Will I receive the results of the challenges played? If yes, when?
  10. Yes, LIVE scores allow you to see the results of every game you played. Also, we will be sharing regular updates regarding Highest Scorers on social media as well on email and In-app notification.

  11. Q6. Where can I view the solutions to the problems of this challenge?
  12. You can view the answers once the game is over.

  13. Q7. In case of any error/issue, where can I report the query?
  14. You can write us on email ID

  15. Q8. If I have played 20 games and achieved 60 success rate, can I continue playing?
  16. Yes. The more games you play better are your chances to win.

  17. Q9. Post contest, how many days will it take to receive the interview call for Job/Internship?
  18. Accolite HR team will touch base with you post the contest end date. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for Accolite HR team to start and finish the interview process. For successful candidates, Accolite will contact the candidate via the contact details filled in the EduThrill registration page.