The key details about the ‘AAIMS Jamaica Scholarship Contest’ are:

1. The contest will start on July 16, 2018
2. Contest ends on July 31, 2018
3. Download the EDUTHRILL App from Google Play Store or Apple Store to participate in the contest
4. The contest is open for all. Participant has to login to EduThrill app using registered Email ID or FaceBook or use Google sign-in option available in the app
5. For any queries use the support form available at /support/
6. People can play games on topic “AAIMS Jamaica Scholarship Contest” which will have questions on subjects like like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,English.
7. Minimum 10 games must be played while maintaining a success rate of 60%.
8. If two players are tied on the same success %, the one who has played more number of games would be considered to have a better rank

Disclaimer – If AAIMS Jamaica team finds any unfair practice used to win the challenge, disciplinary proceedings could be conducted and candidate will be disqualified
Adventure begins on 16th July 2018…

                                                         About AAIMS Jamaica

AAIMS offers a wide variety of programs for persons interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Students are accepted at the beginning of the January, May and September Semesters, The Premier Medical School in the Caribbean, providing Medical Education Par Excellence The constitution and governance of the AAIMS are regulated by its Charter, Statutes and Ordinances. The governance and management are carried out through a structure of committees and officers.
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AAIMS offers a 4 semester (16 month) Pre Med program for High School graduates to fulfill requisites for entering into MD program. Once students complete the program successfully, they are transferred to AAIMS 4 year MD program.


4-year MD program for students who have premed requisites.Starts with five 16-week semesters in Jamaica and sixth semester in Jamaica/USA. These first 2 years of curriculum focus on courses in Basic Sciences and their application to clinical medicine.


AAIMS welcomes students wishing to transfer from other institutions of higher learning. Such persons must meet all the admission requirements and complete remaining course work at AAIMS to graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q1. Where will the challenge take place?
    It will be online. You have to Download the EDUTHRILL App from Google Play Store or the Apple Store or visit
  2. Q2. Will I receive a reminder notification before the challenge begins?
    Yes, we will be circulating messages related to the commencement and the expiration of the contest. Be tuned to our FB page/ Whatsapp Broadcast group/ Eduthrill website/ notifications via app
  3. Q3. How do I participate in this challenge?
    Download the app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Register yourself with your Email Id using the EduThrill App and start playing the AAIMS Jamaica Scholarship contest.
  4. Q4. What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge?
    You can play games on topic “AAIMS Jamaica Scholarship Contest” which will have questions on subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,English.
  5. Q5. Will I receive the results of the challenge? If yes, when?
    Yes, LIVE scores allow you to see the results of every game you play. And also we will be sharing Daily Winners on social media as well on email ids shared with us
  6. Q6. Where can I view the solutions for the problems of this challenge?
    Answers are provided once the game is over
  7. Q7. In case of any error/issue, where can I report the query?
    You can write to us at
  8. Q8. How many times can I participate?
    There is no restriction on the participation number. The more games you play, better are your chances to win

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